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Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 29: Let Us Into Your Earholes

On Today's episode of Jammer's AniMovie Podcast, Matt and I go through the news of the week and then jump right into our discussion of the fantastic and brutal film "Let Me In," adapted from both the novel and the Swedish film.

Jammer's AniMovie Podcast will be taking another break (I know, another one!) until after November 12, where I will return with a manga episode (Pluto and Naoki Urasawa).  But fret not, for I will still be updating the blog quite regularly, so stick around for that!

To subscribe on iTunes to the podcast, click the podcast logo in the PODCAST MAIN PAGE. To just download the AAC file, click the link at the bottom of THIS POST. To download the MP3, click the link at the bottom of THE HOMEPAGE POST.

Show Notes:

00:00 Opening

02:44 News

- Zoolander 2

- Dragon Tattoo

- How to Train Your Dragon

- Hangover 2

- Back to the Future

16:00 Let Me In (Spoiler-free)

28:30 Let Me In (Spoiler-ee)

42:27 Closing

Jammer's AniMovie Podcast 29 AAC