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Episode 19, "World Renowned"

On this episode of the Animanga Podcast, we have a very energetic Firecrouch join us for our discussion of the pulpy anime, Mad Bull 34. Along the way we have some news from the last couple weeks and trail off into obscurity. Follow along with us and don't forget to comment on Raftel Forums. Join us next week when we discuss Oreimo. Look forward to it!

Links below if you want to follow along, but if you listen to the AAC version, the links will be embedded directly into the file so you can follow along without having to keep your brower open the whole time.

To subscribe on iTunes to the podcast, click the podcast logo at the top of the PODCAST PAGE.  To just download the MP3 file, click the link at the bottom of THE HOME PAGE.  To download the AAC, click the link at the bottom of THIS POST.


OPP Ustream
Amazing Spider-Man
Anime Fans Give Back
Dead Leaves on YouTube
US, Japan, and Family Businesses
Drops of God Episode
Samurai Pizza Cats comes to DVD
Ghibli Stuff
"World Renowned" Jodorowsky's El Topo
Hunter X Hiatus
Essential Anime History Poll
Most Tweeted Word in Japan
Hunger Games TV Spot Countdown
The Lorax Trailer 2
One Piece at a Time Blog


AniManga Podcast Episode 19 AAC

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